Match Day is coming up. Here’s how medical students game the residency system


“Ending up at a program that we didn’t really want to train at because we didn’t write a letter or answer a question at an interview is profoundly unfair.”

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Columbia University Missed Deadline to Match Heart Surgeons


“New York–Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center in New York City has acknowledged that because of an administrative error, it will not be able to select residents on Match Day for cardiothoracic surgery.”

Check out the full article on how human error affects the Match here!

Does the Match Encourage Doctors to be Problematically Passive?

“The Match becomes less a hurdle to clear and more an introduction to the experience of dislocated control that can span an entire career.”

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2016 Main Residency Match: Largest on Record


Graphic: NRMP ®

“More than 18,000 U.S. allopathic medical school seniors and 17,000 other applicants vied for over 30,000 positions at more than 4,800 residency programs across the United States.”

Read more at the National Resident Matching Program® press release on the 2016 Match.

Match Day, The NFL Draft of Medicine


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“After years of study, we’re about to become physicians. Both our professional and personal lives hinge on the results of this algorithm…My classmates and I have worked our entire lives to get to this point. It is terrifying to hand over our futures to a formula and leave our careers up to fate. Yet that is exactly what we have to do. Somewhere a computer is determining the destinies of thousands of future doctors.”

Read the commentary in the Wall Street Journal from March 3rd, 2016.